Traffic signs installation and mounting

Traffic signs  are placed on the road network in accordance with GOST R 52289-2004. Installation of traffic signs is a responsible process. The signs are placed so that it would be perceived by those road users for whom it is intended. Also sign shouldn't be locked by any obstacles (advertising, green areas, outdoor lighting pillars, etc.), provide serviceability and reduce the probability of getting damage.

On the road sections on which the markup defining traffic condition is difficult to distinguish (snow, mud, etc.) or can not be restored in a timely manner, the appropriate signs are installed.

Temporary traffic signs should be removed after elimination of causes of installation.uUsually it is the reasons of temporary nature - road repairs, seasonal features of the road conditions, etc.

Signs effect is applied to the roadway, curb, bicycle or pedestrian paths, near which the sign is installed. The distance of visibility of sign must be at least 100 m.

The distance from the bottom of the sign to the road surface must be:
- 1,5 to 3,0 m – outside the settlements, 2,0 to 4,0 m – in settlements.

The sequence of placing signs of different groups on the same support (except in certain cases) should be following(top to bottom, left to right):

  • priority signs;
  • warning signs;
  • regulatory signs;
  • special regulation signs;
  • prohibiting signs;
  • information signs;
  • signs of service.

Prices for the installation of traffic signs according to the developed traffic control scheme approved by GIBDD are below:

    Traffic signs mounting

 Type of work
Type of mounting  Cost
Mounting of 1 support  with 1 traffic sign mounting support 1 750
Mounting of 1 traffic sign on the existing support traffic sign
Mounting of each additional traffic sign
on the existing support
traffic sign
Dismantling of traffic sign traffic sign


Site visit

 Type of service
 Site visit (if mounting more than 25 signs) within the city  10 000
 Site visit to more than 50 km for mounting (once in both directions)  600
 Site visit to more than 100 km for mounting(once in both directions)  1 200
 Site visit to more than 200 km for mounting(once in both directions)  2 400


Autonomous supports

 Support  Ø =76 mm for sign mounting
 Support for sign mounting, 1,0 r.m.  462
 Support for sign mounting, 3,0 r.m.  1386
 Support for sign mounting, 3,5 r.m.  1 617
 Support for sign mounting, 4,0 r.m.  1 848
 Support for sign mounting, 4,5 r.m.  2 079
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