Light Emitting Diodes

Light emitting Diode(LED) –semiconductor device that emits light when passing through it an electric current.

The emitted light lies in a narrow range of spectrum. Its color characteristics depend on the chemical composition used in its semiconductor.
The main characteristics of LEDs for illumination of traffic signs

  • High efficiency. Modern LEDs are less efficient than sodium discharge lamps only. Due to the high efficiency of LEDs it is perfectly suited for lighting  traffic signs because it got from the onboard vehicle network or a separate battery.
  • High mechanical strength, vibration resistance (the absence of the filament and other sensitive components). Due to this property LED signs will be resistant to mechanical stress such as vibration from the motor vehicle or impacts during transportation.
  • Long service life. LED signs will be used for a long time without any repairs.
  • Small size of LEDs allows you to form any desired image on the sign easily.
  • Different angle of emission – 15 to 180 degrees.
  • Insensitivity to low and very lowtemperatures allows you to use LED signs in winter temperatures.

LEDs are perfectly suited for use in traffic signs.

Superbright (ultrabright) LEDs differ from conventional by high-brightness emission at a constant current, and hence, have higher efficiency. 

Superbright LEDs come in different colors: – yellow, red, green, white

Superbright LEDs are best suited for traffic signs because of sufficient brightness and high efficiency.

We use superbright LEDs with a special lens which provides viewing angle of at least 120 degrees.

Our LED control modules are specifically designed for stable power supply of LEDs.That increases its service life and allows us to neglect the scatter of their parameters. This, in turn, guarantees the same brightness of all LEDs.  

We produce all types of LED signs - constantly burning, blinking, animated (for example, turn direction sign), controlled by a traffic light controller (animated crosswalk).

Special offer for traffic signs PRODUCERS: with us you can buy finished LED sontrol modules with a program developed according to your needs.

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