Characteristics of LED signs

The obvious advantages of LED signs are:
  • good visibility;
  • low power consumption;
  • high brightness;
  • longevity;
  • wide operating temperature range.

Key features of our LED signs::
  • Input voltage: 12-16VDC (this is an ideal range for use in passenger cars with on-board network voltage of 12V). If necessary, other ways of signing power can be discussed.
  • Number of LEDs: on request. The more LEDs you have, the more clearly distinguishable images on the sign in the dark are. For the signs with simple images such as "Left (right) side obstacles" 70 LEDs is enough. Even if the number of LEDs is not more than 50, the contours of an arrow will be clearly distinguishable. For the signs with more difficult images (for example "Road works") the number of required LEDs is not less than 70-80. For backlighting a border of a sign even more LEDs required.
  • LED's color: We can produce LED signs of any color. For example, speed limit sign with yellow or white numbers and red border.
  • Sign modes:LEDs blink with a frequency of 0.9 Hz (frequency can be changed if needed) or light constantly. This modes can be used together in one sign. It's possible to create a sign of any type in which groups of LEds alternatively light up.
  • In the absense of power LED signs continue performing its function as usual traffic signs.
  • Tape type – А, B, C, – yellow substrate if needed.
  • The warranty period of LED signs - 12 months after the date of sale.

The warranty does not apply to LED signs with mechanical damage (dents, broken light-emitting diodes, etc.) and signs that have been exploited in extreme temperatures and voltages.

Besides producing signs, we can also quickly and qualitatively implement the non-warrantly repair of LED signs in Samara.

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