LED sign

LED signs supplied with light indication are the special type of traffic signs. Its main purpose is to attract the attention of drivers on the most dangerous stretches of road network. It is usually installed at the repair and remedation activities areas.

LED signs help to change the information on the boards depending on the time of the day and the weather conditions. Through the use of LEDs this signs have excellent visibility and high efficiency especially in the night and in the foggy weather.

40-300 LEDs are used when producing a LED sign. LED signs as well as the usual signs are produced according to GOST 52290-2004 with the use of different types of reflective tape (A,B,C). Generally, LED signs are made of galvanized steel and manufactured in solid package of the metal thickness 0,8-3 mm.

The power is supplied to the sign from the 12V voltage battery or 220/12V matching device. If needed the supply voltage can be changed, for example, 36V. The power consumption is 60-200mA/h which is a small value. It means that the sign can work for three to five days charged from 3 batteries.

Our company designs and manufactures a variety of LED signs.

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