Buy traffic signs in Samara

    Traffic signs are an integral part of our life. They are used on the roads and streets to maintain traffic control and safety.
    "Waymark" company offers you its services such as manufacturing traffic signs and its installation.
   We offer you traffic signs and orientation signs of any types and sizes including signs designed individually.
   We offer you production of following types of traffic signs:

    1. Warning signs
    2. Priority signs
    3. Prohibitory signs
    4. Mandatory signs
    5. Special regulation signs
    6. Information signs
    7. Specific service signs
    8. Signs with additional information (additional panels)

    1.Warning signs

    inform drivers about a hazard ahead on the road, requires special
  attention and care.

    2.Priority signs

    indicate the order in which vehicles should pass intersection points.

    3.Prohibition signs

    inform about a prohibitions on the road. They are used to prohibit certain
    types of maneuvers (wrong way, no left, no right, no U-turn).

    4.Mandatory signs

    are used to indicate or reinforce traffic laws and to set the obligations of all traffic
    which use a specific area of road.

    5.Special regulation signs 

    impose or repeal special traffic regulations

    6.Information signs

    give road users information about the route and about places, facilities and other objects.

    7.Specific service signs

    inform drivers about the location of different needed places: gas station, hospital, car washing, etc.

    8.Signs with additional information (additional panels)

   indicate exceptions from prohibitions or give additional information to the sign its used with. 
    In addition, there are few more types of signs:
    -fire safety signs;
    -evacuation signs;
    -medical signs;


    Traffic signs are divided into three categories depending on the method of illumination:

    1. Externally illuminated signs

    (with individual external light sources)

    2. Internally illuminated signs

    (with internally mounted self-contained light source) LED signs  suits here.

    3. Reflective signs

    (reflective surface make this traffic signs conspicuous even in the dark because it reflects the headlights
    which makes them luminous)


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