Traffic cones


      Traffic cones – are a very important road traffic attribute. It is used to separate traffic lanes and is set within the roadway as an addition to the lines of the existing road markings.

    Traffic cones are used to protects roadway sections, for example, road works area to provide pedestrians and traffic flows safety. Also it is used in car parks, construction sites, for organization of educational process in driving schools and during the competitions in children's and sports facilities.

    There are several types of traffic cones. They differ in the materials of construction, size and the nature of the horizontal strip put on a cone.

    Practice shows that the most comprehensive and the best in use are the cones with 320 mm and 520 mm height, made of thermosetting plastic and painted in orange. Components including in the plastic are safe and provide cones of sufficient elasticity and durability. As a result, cones do not collapse, do not crack and are easily restoring the original shape even after being hit by vehicles.

    Weighting material makes the product more stable. That is specially important for big cones. 320 mm height cones are sold without weighting material. For 520 mm height cones weighting material can be included if a client needs.

    A distinctive feature of the traffic cones is a horizontal strip with a reflective effect. It is very important for providing safety on the roads. There are two options of applying the strip to the cone: reflective paint or reflective film.
     Reflective paint makes cones well visible even at large distances. That makes it more suitable in the daytime. The film perfectly reflects the headlight so it is more suitable for using at nights.

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